Meet the village!

Saij Singh   |   The King

Meet the man that inspires the Team. Saij Singh is not just an ordinary teenager, he's a man on a mission with things to do and places to go and not me, you or anyone I know can stop him. He supports the Green Bay Packers, Washington Wizards and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He enjoys watching Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer work their magic on the tennis courts. In his spare time, he wrecks people at FIFA on Xbox One. He is a food critic, master monopoly player and has a wealth of knowledge about sports, cars, politics and movies.

Saij remains inspired by many around him, but there is one person in particular that truly is his hero. Cristiano Ronaldo’s hard work, determination and generosity are qualities Saij looks to adopt as he grows older. Saij hopes to give back to his community, just as Ronaldo does.

For a long time, Saij has talked about being the President one day. He knows it won't be easy but says he's up for the challenge! He's working on a fan club now that will help him gain votes in the future. Follow his blog and get to know more about his story!

Saffy Singh

in February 2010, the Singh's were blessed with a special addition to their family. Saffy was an 18 month old, fully trained, black, half lab, half golden retriever, service dog. After a lengthy and detailed two year application process, they were invited by Canine Assistants, a non profit organization in Alpharetta GA, to come and be matched with a companion for Saij that would change all of their lives forever.  During their two week stay, Saffy chose Saij out of a group of five potential candidates. While the dynamic duo bonded, the family learned how to communicate with Saffy. She helps the family by opening doors, retrieving things from the floor and getting the attention of an adult in case of an emergency situation. But above all, she has become Saij's best friend and the most loved member of the Singh family.

The Singh Family

Saij's Dad, Gurpreet, is a former American Express Executive. Having lived and worked in four continents over his 20 year career, he is now able to spend more time with his family at home while managing personal real estate investments. Gurpreet loves tennis with his buddies on the weekends and also enjoys to garden and cook in his spare time. Did we mention that one day he aspires to be a marathon runner?

Vicky is Saij's Mom. Born in the UK and brought up in New York, she is happy to call Maryland her new home. She is a full time homemaker, scheduler, planner and transporter. She is equally passionate about Team Saij and always looking for opportunities to engage the community in ways to accelerate research and a cure for DMD. With one child entering his teens and the other leaving her teens, Vicky is embracing the vast spectrum of parenting styles she needs in order to serve both kids. In her limited spare time, she recharges herself at the gym, spends time with family and friends and likes to read.

Kaveen is Saij's favorite (and only) sister. She is in her third, of a five year Architectural program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. An avid dancer on the CMU Bhangra team , she competes all around the country. She loves to travel and hopes to do a study abroad semester in her fourth year. They share a typical love-hate sibling relationship.

Team Saij Kathryn Wagner.png

Dr. Wagner and Team

Dr. Kathryn Wagner is an associate professor of neurology and neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Dr. Wagner obtained her undergraduate degree from Yale University, graduating summa cum laude with honors in biology. She participated in the NIH-funded medical scientist training program and obtained her medical and doctoral degrees at Johns Hopkins. Her thesis work in the laboratory of Richard Huganir, Ph.D., included the original cloning and characterization of the dystrophin-associated protein, dystrobrevin.

She completed her internship in internal medicine and residency in neurology at Johns Hopkins. She went on to complete a neuromuscular fellowship at Hopkins and a clinical neurogenetics fellowship with Kenneth Fischbeck, M.D., at the National Institutes of Health. With Dr. Fischbeck, she conducted the first clinical trial attempting to suppress nonsense mutations in Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients. She continues to work closely with Team Saij to allocate funds to ground breaking research.